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Is it safe to send my knives in the mail?

Yes! Once you have placed an order we will send you our customized, prepaid and registered knife envelopes. This envelope will also include a safety sleeve for each of your knives, further protecting them to ensure they reach us safely and securely. Even better, all shipments are insured and 100% trackable during the journey. *Shipments are insured up to $400-we may require photos and/or purchase receipts of your knives to support the claim.*

Express Shipping

Upgrade your delivery service to Express. When you choose this shipping option, we will send you your empty knife envelope via Australia Express delivery with all the materials needed for you to send us your dull knives. Pack up your knives in the pre-paid Express return envelope and drop it at your local post office or Express post post box. Once your package is received by our work shop, we will sharpen your knives and return them to you via Express.

What if the safety sleeve doesn’t fit my knife?

If your blade is wider than the safety sleeve, cut open the upper edge of the safety sleeve and, slide the blade in with the sharp edge facing the uncut side of the sleeve. Secure the blade with adhesive tape around the entire sleeve and the knife’s blade.

If the blade is longer than the safety sleeve, you can either use pieces that you might have cut off other safety sleeves, or you can use old newspaper to wrap around the heel of the knife (the part of the blade that is closest to the handle), all secured with adhesive tape. Make sure the tip of the knife is secured against the closed part of the knife guard.

What if my knife does not fit the envelope?

We can only accept knives that fit our special knife envelopes. The knife envelope guarantees secure delivery of the knives and is required. Knives longer than 41cm will not fit into the envelope. We do not accept or sharpen swords.

What can I ship?

Best way to ship my envelope?

Simply drop your envelope off at your nearest Australia post office..

Are cheap knives worth sharpening?

Definitely! Cheap knives are often made of quality steel. Many of these knives have stamped blades that are mass produced and their edges are finished by machine. They will never get the results that a knife smith can achieve. Affordable knive from coles or woolworths are absolutely worth sharpening and will come back to you sharper than they were when they were brand new.

The tip of my knife has come off - can you fix this?

Of course! Our talented knife smiths will create a new tip, shortening the blade as little as possible. We charge a maximum of $10 per blade for all blade repairs and will contact you for approval before we start the repair.

The blade of my knife is bent - can you straighten it?

Absolutely! If the tip of the blade is extremely bent, we might have to cut a new tip. Extremely bent blades might never go back to being 100% straight after sharpening, but they will be fully usable again. The repair of extreme bends might result in slight hammer marks on the blade. If the bend in your knife is excessive we may have to charge up to an additional $10 per knife for the knife smith work involved in straightening the blade. We will contact you before any repairs occur.

Are all knives sharpened the same way?

No! No two knives are identical. Our knife smiths will determine which angle your knife’s blade should be sharpened to. Bevel angles can range from 10 to 30 degrees. Most kitchen knives have an angle between 17 and 22 degrees. Depending on the material of the blade (i.e. Damascus steel, carbon steel, stainless steel or ceramic), the sharpening - and if necessary grinding process - will be performed on different machines using varying belts or wheels with varying grits. Even the final stropping or polishing will be done according to the type of knife and blade. Don't worry, our knife smiths know what is necessary to achieve the best result, you will find more details on the sharpening process on this page.

Do you sharpen asymmetrical edges and single bevels?

Yes! We can sharpen asymmetrical edges such as 90/10, 80/20, if your knife was designed with such an edge or if you ask us to do so.

We also sharpen single bevel knives i.e.100 and charge a surcharge of $20 for the additional work involved. You will receive an email about the additional charges once your knife has arrived in our workshop.

What happens to the bolster on my knife?

Our experience is that it is best to reduce the bolster to be at least in line with the blade of your knife. This ensures that the whole length of the blade will be in contact with what you are cutting. A smaller bolster will also make it easier to hone your knife at home before your next professional sharpening. If you for some reason do not want us to reduce the size of your bolster, please let us know before you send your knives to us.

Can you repair the handle on my knife?

Unfortunately, we can’t. We specialize in knife sharpening only.

How often do knives need to be sharpened?

It depends on the type of knife, the use as well as the frequency of use.

On average a kitchen knife with normal use needs to be sharpened at least twice a year, many customers sharpen every quarterly. A clear sign of your knife needing professional sharpening is that your honing steel or slide through sharpener at home only have limited effect and that for example slicing a tomato becomes tricky. Your knives should cut easily and smoothly through a tomato or chicken filet without force and without any compressing or shredding of the produce.

What if I am not 100% happy with the result?

Luckily our customers are usually very happy with the quality of our sharpening. If you should for some reason not be happy we will of course resharpen your knives for free of charge!

How do I redeem my physical gift card or electronic gift card code?

You can redeem your physical gift card or electronic gift card code on our website after adding the sharpening package you want to your cart and proceeding to checkout.

Once you are in the checkout there is a section for you to enter the discount/ gift card codes. Entering and applying the code there would redeem its value and you can pay additional cost by credit card should you wish to upgrade your package.You will receive an order confirmation email and shipping details once you have finalised your order.

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